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St-Hubert Menu & Prices in Québec

St-Hubert is a Canadian restaurant chain in Canada serving Casual food from Chicken & Sandwiches to Poutine and here you can see their menu in Québec with over 130 items and their prices.

Poulet / Chicken

Menu ItemPrice
Cuisse de poulet / Chicken LegCAN$ 14.95
Cuisse de poulet piri-piri / Piri-Piri Chicken LegCAN$ 16.5
Demi-poulet / Half ChickenCAN$ 20.75
Demi-poulet piri-piri / Piri-Piri Half ChickenCAN$ 22.25
Double cuisse de poulet / Double Chicken LegCAN$ 18.75
Double cuisse de poulet piri-piri / Piri-Piri Double Chicken LegCAN$ 20.25
Poitrine de poulet / Chicken BreastCAN$ 16.95
Poitrine de poulet piri-piri / Piri-Piri Chicken BreastCAN$ 18.5

Côtes levées / Ribs

Menu ItemPrice
Demi-côtes levées / Half Rack of RibsCAN$ 20.95
Côtes levées entières / Full Rack of RibsCAN$ 30.5

Combo (poulet et côtes levées) / Combo (Chicken and Ribs)

Menu ItemPrice
Demi-côtes levées et cuisse / Half Rack of Ribs and Chicken LegCAN$ 25.95
Quart de poulet poitrine et côtes levées / Quarter Chicken Breast and RibsCAN$ 27.95
Demi-côtes levées et cuisse piri-piri / Half Rack of Ribs and Piri-Piri Chicken LegCAN$ 27.5
Quart de poulet poitrine piri-piri et côtes levées / Quarter Piri-Piri Chicken Breast and RibsCAN$ 29.5

Filets de poitrine / Chicken Breast Fillets

Menu ItemPrice
3 filets de poitrine de poulet croustillants / 3 Crispy Chicken Breast FilletsCAN$ 15.5
4 filets de poitrine de poulet croustillants / 4 Crispy Chicken Breast FilletsCAN$ 17.5
6 filets de poitrine de poulet croustillants / 6 Crispy Chicken Breast FilletsCAN$ 21.5

Plats végétariens / Vegetarian Options

Menu ItemPrice
Salade Bangkok Végé / Veggie Bangkok SaladCAN$ 17.95
Lanières végé croustillantes / Crispy Veggie StripsCAN$ 17.5
Wrap St-Hubert Végé / St-Hubert Veggie WrapCAN$ 16.5
Poutine St-Hubert Végé- Nouveau! / St-Hubert Veggie PoutineCAN$ 16.95

Sandwichs / Sandwiches

Menu ItemPrice
Club burger à la poitrine de poulet croustillante / Club Burger with Crispy Chicken BreastCAN$ 17.5
Club burger à la poitrine de poulet grillée / Club Burger with Grilled Chicken BreastCAN$ 17.5
Club sandwich (viande blanche) / Club Sandwich (White Meat)CAN$ 17.45
Club sandwich (viande brune) / Club Sandwich (Dark Meat)CAN$ 15.95
Hot chicken (viande blanche) / Hot Chicken (White Meat)CAN$ 15.45
Hot chicken (viande brune) / Hot Chicken (Dark Meat)CAN$ 13.95
St-Burger / St-BurgerCAN$ 17.5
St-Burger piri-piri / Piri-piri St-BurgerCAN$ 18.25


Menu ItemPrice
PoutineCAN$ 13.95
Poutine St-Hubert / St-Hubert PoutineCAN$ 16.95

Poisson / Fish

Menu ItemPrice
Fish & Chips / Fish & ChipsCAN$ 18.95

Entrées (pour une personne) / Appetizers (For One)

Menu ItemPrice
4 bâtonnets de fromage / 4 Cheese SticksCAN$ 6.95
12 ailes de poulet / 12 Chicken WingsCAN$ 16.95
8 bâtonnets de fromage / 8 Cheese SticksCAN$ 11.95
Crème de poulet / Cream of ChickenCAN$ 4.95
Salade César St-Hubert / St-Hubert Caesar SaladCAN$ 6.75
Soupe poulet et nouilles / Chicken Noodle SoupCAN$ 4.95
6 ailes de poulet / 6 Chicken WingsCAN$ 9.95

Entrées (à partager) / Appetizers (To Share)

Menu ItemPrice
16 ailes de poulet / 16 Chicken WingsCAN$ 18.95
24 ailes de poulet / 24 Chicken WingsCAN$ 23.95
6 ailes de poulet / 6 Chicken WingsCAN$ 9.95

Soupes / Soups

Menu ItemPrice
Crème de poulet / Cream of ChickenCAN$ 4.95
Soupe poulet et nouilles / Chicken Noodle SoupCAN$ 4.95

Salades-repas / Entree Salads

Menu ItemPrice
Salade Bangkok avec filets de poulet croustillants / Bangkok Salad with Crispy Chicken Breast FilletsCAN$ 17.95
Salade Bangkok avec poitrine de poulet grillée / Bangkok Salad with Grilled Chicken BreastCAN$ 17.95
Salade César St-Hubert avec poitrine de poulet rôti / St-Hubert Caesar Salad with Roasted Chicken BreastCAN$ 17.95
Salade Bangkok Végé / Veggie Bangkok SaladCAN$ 17.95


Menu ItemPrice
BrownieCAN$ 5.25
Gâteau vanillé avec sauce sucre à la crème / Vanilla Cake with Sugar Cream SauceCAN$ 5.25
Gourde de fruits / Fruit PocketCAN$ 2.5
MillefeuilleCAN$ 6.25
Biscuit tendre à l’avoine Tag on the Go/ Tag on the Go Soft Oatmeal CookieCAN$ 2.5
Pointe de tarte au sucre / Sugar Pie SliceCAN$ 5.25
Sac de 12 minibrownies / Bag of 12 Mini BrowniesCAN$ 7
ChocomousseCAN$ 6.25

Menu enfants / Kid’s Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Animalerie (Croquettes de poulet) / The Zoo (Chicken Nuggets)CAN$ 8.95
Le Super héros (Haut de cuisse) / Super Hero (Chicken Thigh)CAN$ 9.5

Boissons froides / Cold Beverages

Menu ItemPrice
Coca-Cola MD 500 mL / Coca-Cola® 500 mLCAN$ 3
Coca-ColaMD Zéro sucre 500 mL / Coca-Cola® Zero sugarTM 500 mLCAN$ 3
Coke DièteMD 500 mL / Diet Coke® 500 mLCAN$ 3
SpriteMD 500 mL / Sprite® 500 mLCAN$ 3
Canada DryMD Soda gingembre 500 mL/ Canada Dry® Ginger Ale 500 mLCAN$ 3
Minute MaidMD Orange 355 mL/Minute Maid® Orange 355 mLCAN$ 3
Minute MaidMD Pomme 355 mL / Minute Maid® Pomme 355 mLCAN$ 3
Berlingot de lait 2 % (200 mL) / 2% Milk – 200 mL CartonCAN$ 2.25

Boisson chaude / Warm Beverage

Menu ItemPrice
Café / CoffeeCAN$ 2.5
Thé / TeaCAN$ 2.5

Accompagnement / Side Dish

Menu ItemPrice
Frites extra – portion familiale / Extra French Fries – Family Size PortionCAN$ 7.5
Frites extra – portion individuelle / Extra French Fries – Single-Serving PortionCAN$ 3
2 petits pains en extra / 2 Extra BunsCAN$ 1.25
Riz aux grains en extra / Extra Mixed-Grain RiceCAN$ 3

Salade de chou / Coleslaw

Menu ItemPrice
Salade de chou crémeuse – portion individuelle / Salade De Chou Traditionnelle Portion IndividuelleCAN$ 2.25
Salade de chou crémeuse -format familial / Creamy Coleslaw – Family SizeCAN$ 4.75
Salade de chou traditionnelle – format familial / Traditional Coleslaw – Family SizeCAN$ 4.75
Salade de chou traditionnelle portion individuelle / Traditional Coleslaw – Single Serving PortionCAN$ 2.25


Menu ItemPrice
Sauce BBQ – format familial / BBQ Sauce – Family SizeCAN$ 4.75
Sauce BBQ – portion individuelle / BBQ Sauce – Single ServingCAN$ 2.25
Sauce Hot chicken – format familial / Hot Chicken Sauce – Family SizeCAN$ 4.75
Sauce Hot chicken – portion individuelle / Hot Chicken Sauce – Single ServingCAN$ 2.25

St-Hubert Menu & Prices in Québec

FAQs on St-Hubert Menu in Québec

What are the opening hours of St-Hubert Québec?

St-Hubert restaurants are open from 11.00am to 9.00pm in Québec.

What is the cheapest item on St-Hubert menu in Québec?

The cheapest item on St-Hubert menu is Cream of Chicken for CAN$ 4.95

What is the most expensive item on St-Hubert menu in Québec?

The most expensive item on St-Hubert menu is the Quarter Piri-Piri Chicken Breast and Ribs for CAN$ 29.50

About St-Hubert

There are few restaurant chains that are as beloved in Canada as St-Hubert, with its long history of delicious rotisserie chicken and family-friendly atmosphere making it an institution in Quebec and other parts of the country. This can be partly attributed to their rich history that dates back more than 70 years, but there’s also the fact that St-Hubert has managed to keep up with modern times, adding new, healthier food options to their menu and implementing technology like digital ordering kiosks.

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