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Boston Pizza Menu & Prices in Toronto

Boston Pizza is a Canadian Pizza restaurant chain in established in 1964, serving fast food from Pizzas to Sandwiches and here you can see their menu in Toronto with over 130 items and their prices.

Summer Feature Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Loaded Tex Mex FriesCAN$ 11.79
Carnitas PizzaCAN$ 14.89
TacosCAN$ 17.49
Fiesta SaladCAN$ 19.69
Bourbon BBQ Bacon BurgerCAN$ 19.69
Pizza FlightCAN$ 20.99

Apps and Shareables

Menu ItemPrice
Wings ComboCAN$ 19.69
Wings – Single OrderCAN$ 17.49
Wings – Double OrderCAN$ 26.69
Classic Nachos (Starter Size)CAN$ 19.19
Bandera Pizza BreadCAN$ 12.69
French Onion SoupCAN$ 10.39
Buffalo Cauliflower BitesCAN$ 14.19
Cactus Cut PotatoesCAN$ 13.49
Chicken FingersCAN$ 14.19
Spinach & Artichoke DipCAN$ 15.69
Kick’n Onion RingsCAN$ 11.79
Thai BitesCAN$ 16.99


Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Mushroom FettucciniCAN$ 22.29
Jambalaya FettucciniCAN$ 23.69
Smoked Gouda & Poblano Pepper RavioliCAN$ 22.79
Creamy Mushroom & Spinach BakeCAN$ 18.99
Smoky Mountain Spaghetti & MeatballsCAN$ 23.69
The Hungry CarnivoreCAN$ 23.59
Seven Cheese RavioliCAN$ 21.89
Parmesan Shrimp AlfredoCAN$ 23.39
Create Your Own PastaCAN$ 17.29


Menu ItemPrice
Tropical ChickenCAN$ 14.69
PepperoniCAN$ 11.49
Bourbon BBQ ChickenCAN$ 15.49
Royal HawaiianCAN$ 15.19
Spicy PerogyCAN$ 15.19
The MeateorCAN$ 14.69
Viva ItaliaCAN$ 15.19
VegetarianCAN$ 14.19
DeluxeCAN$ 14.49
HawaiianCAN$ 12.59
MediterraneanCAN$ 14.69
Hungry Herbivore PizzaCAN$ 14.19

Alternative Crust Pizza

Menu ItemPrice
8” Individual Cauliflower Crust PizzaCAN$ 13.99


Menu ItemPrice
TacosCAN$ 17.49
Boston-Sized BurgerCAN$ 20.79
Kick’n Memphis Chicken SandwichCAN$ 19.19
Honey Dill Chicken SandwichCAN$ 19.19
The Big DipperCAN$ 19.69
Grilled Chicken ClubhouseCAN$ 18.59
Thai Chicken WrapCAN$ 16.79
Boston BruteCAN$ 17.99


Menu ItemPrice
Slow-Roasted Pork Back RibsCAN$ 21.89
Chicken ParmesanCAN$ 23.99

Bowls and Salads

Menu ItemPrice
Salmon Power BowlCAN$ 23.39
Honey Dill Chicken BowlCAN$ 20.79
Pineapple, Beet & Goat Cheese SaladCAN$ 18.19
Chicken Pecan SaladCAN$ 20.79
Chicken Caesar SaladCAN$ 20.39
Caesar SaladCAN$ 9.39
Starter Garden SaladCAN$ 9.39


Menu ItemPrice
Glutenwise Grilled Chicken ClubhouseCAN$ 19.59
Glutenwise Boston Sized BurgerCAN$ 21.79
Glutenwise Starter Caesar SaladCAN$ 9.39
Glutenwise Starter Garden SaladCAN$ 9.39
Glutenwise Grilled Chicken Caesar SaladCAN$ 20.39


Menu ItemPrice
Bugs ‘n’ CheeseCAN$ 9.79
Super SpaghettiCAN$ 9.79
Pint-Sized Pizza (6″)CAN$ 9.79
Chicken FingersCAN$ 9.79
Sauced-Up Crispy Chicken FingersCAN$ 8.99
Kids WingsCAN$ 11.78
Spaghetti & MeatballsCAN$ 11.78
Kids Cheese BurgerCAN$ 11.78
Big Kids’ Bugs N’ CheeseCAN$ 11.78
Hungry Kids Pizza (8″)CAN$ 11.78


Menu ItemPrice
Bite Sized BrownieCAN$ 3.69
New York CheesecakeCAN$ 8.39
Chocolate ExplosionCAN$ 9.99
Chocolate Brownie AddictionCAN$ 6.89


Menu ItemPrice
Side FriesCAN$ 7.09
Side Sweet Potato FriesCAN$ 9.79
Side Chicken BreastCAN$ 5.99
ColeslawCAN$ 3.69
Side Seasonal VegetablesCAN$ 3.99
Side Garlic Mashed PotatoesCAN$ 3.69
Slice of Garlic Toast – SingleCAN$ 1.79
Cheese ToastCAN$ 4.99
Side Quinoa & Rice BlendCAN$ 3.79
Side AlfredoCAN$ 2.09
Side Bolognese SauceCAN$ 2.09
Side Cactus DipCAN$ 2.39


Menu ItemPrice
Can of PopCAN$ 2.09
6Pk of 12oz PopCAN$ 6.59
Bottled Water 591mLCAN$ 3.49
Fever Tree Ginger BeerCAN$ 4.19
Red Bull Energy DrinkCAN$ 5.79
Red Bull SugarfreeCAN$ 5.79

Boston Pizza Menu & Prices in Toronto

FAQs on Boston Pizza Menu in Toronto

What are the opening hours of Boston Pizza Toronto?

Boston Pizza restaurants are open from 11.00am to 11.00pm in Toronto.

What is the cheapest item on Boston Pizza menu in Toronto?

The cheapest item on Boston Pizza menu is Coleslaw for CAN$ 3.69

What is the most expensive item on Boston Pizza menu in Toronto?

The most expensive item on Boston Pizza menu is the Smoky Mountain Spaghetti & Meatballs for CAN$ 23.69

About Boston Pizza

Everyone loves pizza, and Boston Pizza has certainly become popular in Canada with its delicious take on this classic dish. If you’re looking to try the best pizza available in your region, you may want to check out Boston Pizza’s delicious options first. From their classic cheese pizzas to their calzones and their wide selection of drinks, there’s something for everyone here at Boston Pizza!

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Food scene in Toronto

Located in Southern Ontario, Toronto is the capital of Ontario and the most populous city in Canada. Toronto has become one of the most multicultural cities in the world with more than half of its population having been born outside of Canada. Its diverse population can be seen reflected in its distinctive neighborhoods, each with their own cultural identity including Chinatown, Little Italy, Greektown and Little India to name just a few.

The bustling city of Toronto, Canada boasts an exciting food scene that’s full of variety and surprises. From fast food restaurants to trendy cafes to upscale dining establishments, you’ll find something to meet your culinary needs. Whether you’re searching for an intimate dinner or an easy spot to grab lunch with friends, Toronto has plenty of options to choose from!

What are the most popular menus in Toronto?

Fast food has always been controversial, with many people claiming that it’s unhealthy and leads to poor eating habits. While that may be true, it can still be tasty and the food itself can be delicious and satisfying. Just take a look at any list of the most popular fast food restaurant menus in Toronto and you’ll see what we mean.

Here are 10 of the most popular fast food restaurant menus in Toronto.

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