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Pizza Hotline Menu & Prices in Canada – 2024

Famous for it’s tasty Pizza, Pizza Hotline has been serving pizza in Canada for over 30 years and here you can find the prices of all their menu items in Canada from Pizzas to Chicken Wings to cinnamon buns.

Pan Pizza

Italian Classic SmallCAN$ 11.99
Italian Classic MediumCAN$ 13.99
Italian Classic X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Primo Pepperoni SmallCAN$ 11.99
Primo Pepperoni MediumCAN$ 13.99
Primo Pepperoni X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Meaty Delight SmallCAN$ 11.99
Meaty Delight MediumCAN$ 13.99
Meaty Delight X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Spicy Hawaiian SmallCAN$ 11.99
Spicy Hawaiian MediumCAN$ 13.99
Spicy Hawaiian X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Deluxe Hawaiian SmallCAN$ 11.99
Deluxe Hawaiian MediumCAN$ 13.99
Deluxe Hawaiian X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Mediterranean SmallCAN$ 11.99
Mediterranean MediumCAN$ 13.99
Mediterranean X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
New York SmallCAN$ 11.99
New York MediumCAN$ 13.99
New York X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Tropical Chicken SmallCAN$ 11.99
Tropical Chicken MediumCAN$ 13.99
Tropical Chicken X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
The Bacon Doble cheese SmallCAN$ 11.99
The Bacon Doble cheese MediumCAN$ 13.99
The Bacon Doble cheese X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Garden Veggie SmallCAN$ 11.99
Garden Veggie MediumCAN$ 13.99
Garden Veggie X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Taco Pizza SmallCAN$ 11.99
Taco Pizza MediumCAN$ 13.99
Taco Pizza X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Primo suprimo SmallCAN$ 11.99
Primo suprimo MediumCAN$ 13.99
Primo suprimo X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch SmallCAN$ 11.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch MediumCAN$ 13.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Combination SmallCAN$ 11.99
Combination MediumCAN$ 13.99
Combination X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
The Greek SmallCAN$ 11.99
The Greek MediumCAN$ 13.99
The Greek X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Primo Mexi SmallCAN$ 11.99
Primo Mexi MediumCAN$ 13.99
Primo Mexi X-LargeCAN$ 17.99

Speciality Pizza

XL 4 topping PizzaCAN$ 11.99
222 For youCAN$ 22.22
Cheese sticks & 2 pizzaCAN$ 22.22
Pizza & WingsCAN$ 23


Pepsi + Hot breadsticksCAN$ 4.99
Cheese sticks & 2 pizzaCAN$ 6.5
10 dry rub wingsCAN$ 8.99
Chicken bacon ranchCAN$ 7.49
6 cinnamon bunsCAN$ 6.99

Pizza Hotline Menu & Prices in Canada

FAQs on Pizza Hotline Menu in Canada

What are the opening hours of Pizza Hotline Canada?

Pizza Hotline restaurants are open from 11.00am to 1.00am in Canada.

What is the cheapest item on Pizza Hotline’s menu in Canada?

The cheapest item on Pizza Hotline menu is Pepsi + Hot breadsticks for CAN$ 4.99

What is the most expensive item on Pizza Hotline’s menu in Canada?

The most expensive item on Pizza Hotline menu is the Cheese sticks & 2 pizza for CAN$ 22.22

Does Pizza Hotline deliver with Uber Eats in Canada?

No. Pizza Hotline is only delivering through their website and you can place your order by calling 204-222-2222

About Pizza Hotline

While pizza may not be Canada’s most iconic cuisine, it’s certainly one of the most popular! With Pizza Hotline in every corner of Winnipeg, from Brandon to Selkirk, you can get pizza delivered to your door at any time of day or night. The next time you want delicious pizza from one of the best pizzerias in Canada, try Pizza Hotline! With their variety of toppings and excellent customer service, Pizza Hotline is sure to impress!

Alternatives to Pizza Hotline in Canada

Do you love Pizza Hotline but can’t make it there because you live too far away? Don’t worry – we’ve got your back! We’ve put together a list of nearby restaurants that serve dishes similar to what you would find at Pizza Hotline, so you can enjoy great food without making the long drive to get there.

  1. Pizza Hut
  2. Pizza Nova
  3. Pizza 73
  4. Jumbo Pizza
  5. McDonald’s
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