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Krispy Kreme Menu & Prices in Canada – 2023

Famous for it’s delicious doughnuts, Krispy Kreme has been in the Canadian market since 2001 and here you can find the prices of all their menu items in Canada from tasty doughnuts to espressos to frozen drinks.

This menu and the prices are updated to match with the latest prices in Canada as of June 01st, 2023.

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Popsicle® Firecracker™ Inspired DoughnutCAN$ 1.79
Creamsicle® Inspired DoughnutCAN$ 1.79
Original GlazedCAN$ 1.59
Original Filled Original Kreme™CAN$ 1.79
Original Filled Chocolate Kreme™CAN$ 1.79
Chocolate Iced GlazedCAN$ 1.59
Maple Iced GlazedCAN$ 1.59
Chocolate Iced Kreme FilledCAN$ 1.79
Chocolate Iced SprinklesCAN$ 1.59
Chocolate Iced Custard FilledCAN$ 1.79
Strawberry IcedCAN$ 1.59
Strawberry Iced with SprinklesCAN$ 1.59
Glazed Chocolate CakeCAN$ 1.79
Cake BatterCAN$ 1.79
OREO® Cookies and KremeCAN$ 1.79
Glazed Raspberry FilledCAN$ 1.79
Glazed Lemon FilledCAN$ 1.79
SugarCAN$ 1.59
Cinnamon Apple FilledCAN$ 1.79
Powdered Strawberry FilledCAN$ 1.79
New York CheesecakeCAN$ 1.79
Caramel Kreme CrunchCAN$ 1.79
Apple FritterCAN$ 1.99
BasketballCAN$ 1.79
FootballCAN$ 1.79

Coffee & Espresso

CappuccinoCAN$ 3.59
Kaffe KremeCAN$ 3.59
LatteCAN$ 3.59
MochaCAN$ 3.59
Dark RoastCAN$ 1.99
House BlendCAN$ 1.99
Iced CoffeeCAN$ 2.49
Hot ChocolateCAN$ 3.59
TeaCAN$ 1.99

Frozen Drinks

Espresso FrōzzéCAN$ 3.99
Mocha FrōzzéCAN$ 3.99
Caramel Espresso FrōzzéCAN$ 3.99
Chocolate FrōzzéCAN$ 3.99
Triple Chocolate FrōzzéCAN$ 3.99
Strawberry FrōzzéCAN$ 3.99
Mango FrōzzéCAN$ 3.99
Mixed Berry FrōzzéCAN$ 3.99
Krispy Kreme ChillersCAN$ 3.99
MilkCAN$ 1.99
Chocolate MilkCAN$ 1.99

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FAQs on Krispy Kreme Canada

What are the opening hours of Krispy Kreme Canada?

Krispy Kreme restaurants are open from 7.00am to 10.00pm in Canada.

What is the cheapest item on Krispy Kreme’s menu in Canada?

The cheapest item on Krispy Kreme menu is Original Glazed doughnut for CAN$ 1.59

What is the most expensive item on Krispy Kreme’s menu in Canada?

The most expensive item on Krispy Kreme menu is the Espresso Frōzzé for CAN$ 3.99

How much is a dozen donuts at Krispy Kreme in Canada?

A box of Dozen doughnuts from Krispy Kreme costs CAN$ 13.25 in Canada.

How much is a 12 box of Krispy Kreme donuts?

A box of 12 doughnuts from Krispy Kreme costs CAN$ 13.25 in Canada.

Does Krispy Kreme deliver with Uber Eats in Canada?

Yes. Krispy Kreme delivers with Uber Eats in Canada and can cost between CAN$ 3.99 – 5.99

About Krispy Kremes

There’s something about doughnuts that just makes people happy. They’re soft and fluffy, and they come in all sorts of delicious flavors. And who doesn’t love a little bit of sugar? Krispy Kreme has capitalized on this love of doughnuts and has become one of the most popular doughnut chains in the world. The company was founded by Vernon Rudolph in 1937, but it didn’t really take off until he got his doughnuts into grocery stores after World War II. Krispy Kreme became wildly popular in the ’50s and ’60s when Americans were looking for a treat to celebrate. In addition to their signature yeast-raised glazed doughnuts, they also sell cakes, cookies, muffins, ice cream and more. Nowadays you can find Krispy Kreme locations everywhere from North America to Asia!

If you love donuts, and you’re near one of the 1,000+ Krispy Kreme Doughnuts locations around the world, then it’s likely that you’ve given in to temptation at least once by now. These famous doughnuts are famous for more than just their delicious taste and mouth-watering smell—they also have an interesting history that helped them grow into one of the most beloved doughnut shops around the world today.

Krispy Kreme alternatives in Canada

What’s the one thing that everyone wants from Krispy Kreme? Their light, fluffy, doughnuts covered in the most delicious glaze you’ve ever had on your morning breakfast, of course! If you don’t live near any of their stores (and let’s face it, they’re pretty few and far between) in Canada, don’t worry! You can find doughnuts at Tim Hortans.

If you’re not in the mood for doughnuts, you can try Rotisserie chicken at Swiss Chalet, delicious submarines at Subway, Brownies, Apple pies and other sweets at White Spot and Whoopers at Burger King.

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