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KFC Menu & Prices in Canada – 2024

Famous for it’s iconic Fried Chicken, KFC has been serving fast food in Canada for over 60 years since 1955 and here you can find the prices of all their menu items in Canada from Chicken buckets to Sandwiches to Desserts.

Limited time offers

Menu ItemPrice
10 nuggets box mealCAN$ 18.38
Go bucket 3 nuggetsCAN$ 5.74
10 nuggets alcCAN$ 12.64
10p/10 nug fam fav feastCAN$ 45.4
10 nuggets comboCAN$ 15.49
6p/10 nug fam fav feastCAN$ 35.49
6 nuggets alcCAN$ 8.61
20 nuggets alcCAN$ 19.99
30 nuggets alcCAN$ 34.49
6 nuggets box mealCAN$ 14.36
3 nuggets alcCAN$ 4.29
6 nuggets comboCAN$ 11.48

Big box meals

Menu ItemPrice
4 piece chicken boxCAN$ 16.69
Wicked zinger boxCAN$ 16.69
Boneless boxCAN$ 16.69
Double tender sandwich boxCAN$ 14.89
Big crunch boxCAN$ 16.69
Big crunch stacker boxCAN$ 20.69
Kfc famous chicken chicken sandwich box mealCAN$ 18.99


Menu ItemPrice
Kfc s’more brownieCAN$ 3.29
Chocolate chip cookieCAN$ 1.69
4 pack of kfc s’more brownieCAN$ 10.69
6 pack of chocolate chip cookiesCAN$ 6.69

Lunch & dinner deal

Menu ItemPrice
Dinner deal for 4CAN$ 30
Lunch deal for 2CAN$ 15

Sandwiches & wraps

Menu ItemPrice
Zinger sandwichCAN$ 10.39
Kfc famous chicken chicken sandwichCAN$ 11.49
Big crunch sandwichCAN$ 10.39
Spicy big crunch sandwichCAN$ 10.39
Kfc spicy famous chicken chicken sandwichCAN$ 11.49
Plant-based sandwich comboCAN$ 13.79
Zinger sandwich comboCAN$ 12.69
Zinger twisterCAN$ 10.39
Big crunch sandwich comboCAN$ 12.69
Kfc famous chicken chicken sandwich comboCAN$ 14.39
Zinger twister comboCAN$ 12.69
TwisterCAN$ 10.39

Famous buckets

Menu ItemPrice
25 piece party packCAN$ 60.99
Variety bucketCAN$ 45.99

Original recipe chicken combos

Menu ItemPrice
3 piece chicken comboCAN$ 13.79
4 piece chicken comboCAN$ 15.49
2 piece chicken comboCAN$ 11.49

Original recipe buckets

Menu ItemPrice
6 piece bucketCAN$ 21.89
10 piece bucket and 3 large sidesCAN$ 40.29
10 piece bucketCAN$ 32.49
6 piece bucket and 2 large sidesCAN$ 28.79
14 piece bucket and 4 large sidesCAN$ 50.59
18 piece bucket and 5 large sidesCAN$ 62.09
14 piece bucketCAN$ 42.59
18 piece bucketCAN$ 50.59

Boneless chicken

Menu ItemPrice
Boneless comboCAN$ 15.09
Popcorn chicken comboCAN$ 10.39
3 piece original recipe tenders comboCAN$ 12.69

Snacks & add ons

Menu ItemPrice
Small popcorn chickenCAN$ 8.09
5 hot wingsCAN$ 9.19
20 hot wingsCAN$ 25.89
Go bucket – popcorn chickenCAN$ 5.79
2 piece chickenCAN$ 9.19
Go bucket sliderCAN$ 5.79
2 hot wingsCAN$ 4.59
3 piece chickenCAN$ 11.49
Go bucket – 2 original recipe tendersCAN$ 5.79
Spicy original recipe sliderCAN$ 4.29
Popcorn poutineCAN$ 9.19
6 original recipe tendersCAN$ 15.29
3 original recipe tendersCAN$ 10.39
PoutineCAN$ 8.09
Or slider alcCAN$ 4.29

Sides & drinks

Menu ItemPrice
Individual gravyCAN$ 2.69
Individual friesCAN$ 3.79
Individual macaroni saladCAN$ 3.19
Large gravyCAN$ 5.79
Dip kfc sauceCAN$ 0.89
Blackberry bublyCAN$ 3.49
591ml pepsi zero sugarCAN$ 3.99
Pepsi 2lCAN$ 4.89
Individual original recipe seasoned cornCAN$ 3.19
4 biscuitsCAN$ 5.19
Large friesCAN$ 8.59
Individual potato saladCAN$ 3.19
7up 2lCAN$ 4.89
Pepsi 591mlCAN$ 3.99
Individual homestyle coleslawCAN$ 3.19

Dipping sauces

Menu ItemPrice
Sweet n smokey bbqCAN$ 0.59
Dip buttermilk ranchCAN$ 0.59
Southern plumCAN$ 0.59
KFC Menu & Prices in Canada

FAQs on KFC Menu in Canada

What are the opening hours of KFC Canada?

KFC restaurants are open from 11.00am to 10.00pm in Canada.

What is the cheapest item on KFC’s menu in Canada?

The cheapest item on KFC menu is Kfc s’more brownie for CAN$ 3.49

What is the most expensive item on KFC’s menu in Canada?

The most expensive item on KFC menu is the Big crunch stacker combo for CAN$ 16.69

When did KFC open in Canada?

After becoming a success in the USA, KFC opened it’s first restaurant in 1955 in Canada.

How many Kentucky Fried Chicken stores are in Canada?

There are over 600 KFC locations in Canada as of 2022.

Who owns Kentucky Fried Chicken in Canada?

YUM! Brands Inc is the owner of KFC in Canada

Does KFC deliver with Uber Eats in Canada?

Yes. KFC delivers with Uber Eats in Canada and can cost between CAN$ 3.99 – 5.99 for the delivery.

Most Popular items on KFC

If you’re a fan of finger-lickin’ good fried chicken, there’s no better place to satisfy your cravings than KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken. With its delicious blend of secret herbs and spices, KFC has become a beloved fast-food chain across the world.

In Canada, KFC has its own unique menu items that have captured the hearts (and taste buds) of Canadians. These are 7 most popular items on Canadian KFC menu.

Original Recipe Chicken

No KFC experience is complete without sinking your teeth into a piece of the Original Recipe Chicken. With its iconic crispy coating and juicy, flavorful meat, it’s no wonder this is the flagship item on the KFC menu. Whether you prefer a drumstick, thigh, or breast, the Original Recipe Chicken is a must-try.

Popcorn Chicken

For those who can’t resist bite-sized pieces of chicken with the same famous KFC flavor, the Popcorn Chicken is a go-to choice. It’s perfect for snacking on the go or sharing with friends and family.

Zinger Burger

If you’re looking for a spicy kick, the Zinger Burger is the answer. This sandwich features a crispy chicken fillet seasoned with a fiery blend of spices, topped with lettuce and mayonnaise, all served in a soft bun. It’s a hot favorite for those who enjoy a little heat with their meal.

Big Box Meals

KFC Canada offers a variety of Big Box Meals that combine the best of their menu items. From the Big Crunch Box to the Famous Chicken Chicken Box, these meals include a mix of chicken pieces, sides, and a drink, making them a convenient and satisfying option.


The KFC Twister is a wrap-style sandwich that’s a favorite for those looking for a handheld meal. It includes crispy or grilled chicken strips, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise, all wrapped in a warm tortilla. It’s a delicious alternative to the classic burger.


In Canada, poutine is a national treasure, and KFC’s version doesn’t disappoint. Their Poutine features a generous portion of golden fries smothered in cheese curds and rich gravy. It’s the perfect side dish to complement your chicken order.

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Nothing pairs better with fried chicken than creamy mashed potatoes and rich, flavorful gravy. KFC’s mashed potatoes and gravy are a comforting side dish that perfectly complements the crispy goodness of their chicken.

About KFC

KFC was founded in 1930 by Harland Sanders, and has since become one of the most popular restaurant chains in the world. However, the famous chicken brand did not make its way to Canada until 1955. Since then, they have grown to become one of the most popular restaurants in Canada, with more than 600 locations across the country. The restaurant has become so popular that people outside North America even recognize its name as an internationally recognized synonym for deep-fried chicken!

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KFC menu & prices in USA

Alternatives to KFC in Canada

As one of the most popular fast food joints in the world, Kentucky Fried Chicken has become synonymous with finger-lickin’ good meals ever since it was founded by Colonel Sanders in 1930s. But just because KFC dominates the chicken business doesn’t mean there aren’t other chains out there worth your attention too. Here are five KFC alternatives to find when you want to switch things up and try something new.

  1. McDonald’s
  2. Burger King
  3. Swiss Chalet
  4. Osmow’s
  5. Subway
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