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Jugo Juice Menu & Prices in Canada – 2024

Jugo Juice is a restaurant chain in Canada serving juices and smoothies from Dragon Force Smoothies to Veggie Burgers and here you can see their menu with over 40 items and their prices.

Most Popular

Menu ItemPrice
Mighty Kale SmoothieCAN$ 9.5
Chicken Avocado WrapCAN$ 9.3
PB Protein SmoothieCAN$ 9.85
Big Blue Protein SmoothieCAN$ 9.85
Three Cheese Grilled CheeseCAN$ 9.15

New Veggie Burger

Menu ItemPrice
Veggie BurgerCAN$ 11.5

Nouveau Délice Tropical Mocktails / New Tropical Summer Mocktails

Menu ItemPrice
Smoothie Limonade Givrée / Frosted Lemonade SmoothieCAN$ 9.25
Smoothie Daiquiri à la fraise / Strawberry Daiquiri SmoothieCAN$ 9.25
Smoothie Pina Colada / Pina Colada SmoothieCAN$ 9.25
Mojito Tonique / Tonic MojitoCAN$ 6.95
Tonique Yuzu / Yuzu TonicCAN$ 6.95
Tonique Limonade / Lemonade TonicCAN$ 6.95

Smoothies Classique

Menu ItemPrice
Smoothie Jugo ClassicoCAN$ 6.5
Mango magic SmoothieCAN$ 6.5
Blushing Mango SmoothieCAN$ 6.5
Summer Strawberry SmoothieCAN$ 6.5
Peanut Butter & ChocolateCAN$ 6.5
Berry and Banana SmoothieCAN$ 9.15

Fresh Energy Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Blue CrushCAN$ 6.5
Dragon Force SmoothieCAN$ 9.15
Jugo Cold Brew SmoothieCAN$ 9.15
Vanilla MatchaCAN$ 9.15
Gold DiggerCAN$ 9.5
Green Glow SmoothieCAN$ 9.5

Protein Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Mocha Protein SmoothieCAN$ 9.85
PB Protein SmoothieCAN$ 9.85
Big Blue Protein SmoothieCAN$ 9.85
Green Protein SmoothieCAN$ 9.85
Morning BlendCAN$ 9.95
Pink Power ProteinCAN$ 9.85

Immunity Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Super GreenCAN$ 9.45

Fresh Pressed Juice

Menu ItemPrice
Orange JuiceCAN$ 7.95

Wraps & Grilled Cheese

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Avocado WrapCAN$ 9.3
Turkey Bacon Club WrapCAN$ 8.8
Cranberry Turkey Grilled CheeseCAN$ 11.5
Three Cheese Grilled CheeseCAN$ 9.15
GOA Chicken WrapCAN$ 9.3


Menu ItemPrice
OrangesCAN$ 1


Menu ItemPrice
Smart Sparkling WaterCAN$ 3.5
Dasani WaterCAN$ 2.25

Jugo Juice Menu & Prices in Canada

FAQs on Jugo Juice Menu in Canada

What are the opening hours of Jugo Juice Canada?

Jugo Juice restaurants are open from 10.00am to 6.00pm in Canada.

What is the cheapest item on Jugo Juice menu in Canada?

The cheapest item on Jugo Juice menu is Orange Juice for CAN$ 7.95

What is the most expensive item on Jugo Juice menu in Canada?

The most expensive item on Jugo Juice menu is the Mocha Protein Smoothie for CAN$ 9.85

About Jugo Juice

If you’re looking for a delicious juice in Canada, look no further than Jugo Juice. This chain of juice bars specializes in providing an amazing selection of cold-pressed juices and smoothies. Thanks to the transparency of their ingredients and the quality of their juices, Jugo Juice has become one of the most popular juice shops in Canada, with over 140 locations across the country! Whether you’re looking to grab a quick lunch with your coworkers or replenish your energy after an intense workout, this famous Canadian business has something for everyone!

Website –

Alternatives to Jugo Juice in Canada

Juice bars are becoming increasingly popular as people are looking to drink more healthy smoothies and juices, especially as an alternative to sodas and other sweetened drinks. Canada has its fair share of juice chain options that range from the simple to the luxurious, so here’s a list of five of the best juice chains in Canada.

  1. Freshii
  2. Booster Juice
  3. Second Cup
  4. Starbucks
  5. Chatime
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